Food for Thought

Locally sourced, from top to bottom.


Local flavor on tap


There’s the traditional way of sourcing beer, and then there’s our way. We believe in supporting local communities and the brewers working hard to establish themselves and their craft in those communities. As a result, you’ll find that each of our 14 beer tap handles is dedicated to brewers in Northern California and Nevada, the majority of whom are within 50 miles of our doors.

You may not know each of their names, but you’ll come to love them.


Wines, Local & Global


Aside from supporting many of the local winemakers in the region, we set our sights on a more global approach to our wines. A unique blend of new and old world, we’ve hand-selected (and merrily tasted) every wine you’ll find on our list.

We believe in responsible winemaking practices and, as such, have partnered with many winemakers leading the charge in sustainable, biodynamic, and natural wines. We’re proud to provide not just great wine, but wine made with the environment in mind.